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EROTICA in the Philippines feat. pornographic PENE MOVIES

Do you feel guilty after doing sexual acts such as premarital sex, masturbation, same sex activity, viewing porn, fantasizing about someone, etc.?

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH, as opposed to the MYTHS, FALSE RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and LIES about SEX, feel free to visit : to numerous requests for uncensored VIDEO CLIPS of pinoy PENE, I have inserted some more video clips below.

Before reading my post about Filipino Erotica, can you guess from which Filipino erotic movie the scene below was taken from?

WARNING: The video below is UNCENSORED and contains male and female full frontal nudity and sex. It also features a former beauty queen who became a mainstream actress. Don't watch it if you're easily offended by sexually graphic scenes. (As if you won't ...LOL)

It's a controversial film (with a very interesting plot) and it was shown abroad which explains why I found English subtitles for it and understood the dialogues. I'm from Geneva, Switzerland but I frequently visit Manila and Cebu so I'm very familiar with Filipino culture.

If you want to have the entire movie with ENGLISH SUBTITLES without having to download a huge file from torrents or if you want more video clips like this, simply contact my friend through SKYPE: coolmultilingual or through YM: cmultilingual

And now, my ARTICLE about EROTICA in Philippine Cinema.

EROTICA and PORNOGRAPHY in Philippine Cinema

The Philippine government currently prohibit PORNOGRAPHY --- although you can see people in local markets in the Metro openly buying and selling pirated PORN DVDs. For instance, if you go to Quiapo, you'll most likely be approached by guys who'll convince you to buy 'DVD-DVD', which they pronounce 'di-Bi-di', di-Bi-di'

Some BOLD actors such as the one in the clip above succeed in penetrating the showbiz mainstream. Most of them fail, though.

The girl’s name is Anna Marie Guttierez, a very good sexy actress in the 80’s.
Do you recognize the guy in the video clip above? CLUE: He’s now a prominent politician somewhere in Luzon.

Only EROTIC movies are allowed to be shown in cinema which must always go through the MTRCB, which censors and cuts scenes deemed too explicit for public viewing, before they are shown in mainstream movie houses.

Do you recognize the PENE STARS in the video clip above?

However, during the mid-80's, 'pornographic scenes' in films were tolerated and movies which feature full frontal nudity and hardcore stuff such as oral sex and penetration were shown in mainstream cinema. These movies were often called 'PENE' films.

Here is an alphabetical list of notable erotic movies which contained a lot of very ‘sexplicit’ scenes. Some of the films in the list below contained hardcore 'PENE' stuff similar to old Danish movies or Brazilian pornochanchada films with thematic plot but contained pornographic scenes.

LEGEND: *LT = loose translation
TRIVIAL NOTE: My native languages are French and German so please bear with my loose translation. I also speak Filipino (but not yet very fluent) because I have spent more than 10 years in Manila.

Alapaap (1984) { LT: Sky } MAIN CAST: Ed Villapol, Eva Rosa Palma, Isadora, Mark Gil, Michael De Mesa, Tanya Gomez, William Martinez DIRECTOR: Tata Esteban

Alexandra (1985) MAIN CAST: Angela Perez, Jaime Fabregas, Liza Lorena, Roy Alvarez, Tony Carreon, Val Sotto ; DIRECTOR: Elwood Perez

Alindog (1986) { LT : Sexual Assets}
MAIN CAST: Greggy Liwag, Avon Cortez, Dick Israel,Ben Morro, Odette Khan, Bobby Benitez and Lampel Cojuangco ; DIRECTOR : Kaka

Ang Walang Malay (1986) { LT: The Unconscious OR The Naive One}
MAIN CAST: Vida Verde, George Estregan, Robert Lee, Ada Alberto/ Introducing Farrah Floro/ DIRECTOR : Ronnie San Juan

Araaayyyy!!! (1986) { LT: Ouuuuchhhh!!! } MAIN CAST : Patrick dela Rosa, Janice Jurado/ Introducing Paola Berenguer; DIRECTOR : Cezar Abella

Bed Sins (1985) MAIN CAST: Sarsi Emmanuelle, Liza Lorena, Al Tantay, Joel Torre, Patrick dela Rosa, Rafael Roces, Brandy Ayala/ DIRECTOR: Mario O'Hara

Boatman (1985)- MAIN CAST: Sarsi Emmanuelle, Suzana Love, Josephine Manuel and Ronnie Lazaro/ DIRECTOR: Tikoy Aguiluz

Brown Emmanuelle (1982) Myrna Castillo, Girl Guerrero ; introducing the 14-year old Pepsi Paloma DIRECTOR: Celso Ad Castillo

Clarizza (1986) { LT: name of the female lead }
MAIN CAST : Luis Gonzales, Liza Lorena, Lito Pimentel and Sarsi Emmanuelle/ with Lucita Soriano, Roxan Recto, Gil Guerrero ; DIRECTOR : CBT & RDG

Company of Women (1985) MAIN CAST: Ariel Moral, Aya Fernando, Becky Misa, Irma Alegre, Miz Alindogan, Mark Gil, Tani Cinco, Zelda Soler DIRECTOR: Mel Chionglo

Desperada (1986) {LT: Desperate Woman} MAIN CAST : Vida Verde, Greggy Liwag, Elsa Enrile, George Estrgan, Dick Israel, Amanda Amores, Mark Joseph DIRECTOR: Francis Posadas
Di Maghilom ang Sugat (1986){ LT: The Wound Won’t Heal} MAIN CAST: Anna Marie Gutierrez, Cristina Crisol, Maureen Mauricio and Gino Antonio DIRECTOR: W. Pascual

Dingding Lang ang Pagitan (1986) { LT: Only a Wall Separating Us } MAIN CAST :Maria Isabel Lopez, Orestes Ojeda, Albert Eugenio and Olivia Ortiz/ DIRECTOR: Ruben S. Abalos

Disgrasyada (1979) { LT: Disgraceful } MAIN CAST: Johnny Wilson, Rio Locsin, Rolly Quizon, Ronald Corveau, Subas Hererro DIRECTOR: Elwood Perez

Donselya (1986) { LT: name of the female lead} MAIN CAST: Cristina Crisol, Zandro Zamora, Perla Bautista, Val Iglesia/ Introducing Lolita Lamar; DIRECTOR: Arsenio 'Boots' Bautista

Flesh Avenue (1986) MAIN CAST: Jacklyn Jose, Liza Lorena, Ronnie Lazaro, Odette Khan, Dick Israel and Julio Diaz/Introducing Lola/ DIRECTOR: Tata Esteban

Halik sa Pisngi ng Langit (1986) { LT: A Kiss on Heaven Cheeks } MAIN CAST : Ronaldo Valdez, Greggy Liwag, Mark Joseph and Lala Montelibano/ Introducing Didith Romero/ DIRECTOR: Efren C. Pinon

Hanguin Mo Ako Sa Putik (1984) { LT: Remove me from Mud} STARRING : Stella Strada

Hapdi (1986) { LT: Pain } MAIN CAST: Ernie Garcia, Olivia Ortiz, Gino Antonio, Maureen Mauricio and Maria Montes/ with Raoul Aragonn, Robert Talabis, Nick Lizaso, Robert talby DIRECTOR: Joey del Rosario

Hayok (1986) { LT: Lustful/Lascivious } MAIN CAST: Maria Isabel Lopez, George Estregan, Susan Bautista, Manny Luna, Albert Eugenio, Maureen Mauricio DIRECTOR: Anthony Taylor

Hubad na Pangarap (1987) { LT: Naked Dream } MAIN CAST: Anna Marie Guttierez, Julio Diaz, Lola, Michael de Mesa DIRECTOR: Abbo de la Cruz

Hubo sa Dilim (1985) {LT: Naked in the Dark} MAIN CAST: Maria Isabel Lopez, Chanda Romero, Michael de Mesa, Lito Gruet, Isadora, Tony Carrion, Jaime Fabregas/ DIRECTOR: Tata Esteban
Huwag Pamarisan: Kulasisi (1986) {LT: Do not be like this Mistress} MAIN CAST: Maria Isabel Lopez and Anna Marie Gutierrez/ with Raoul aragonn, Jun Santiago, Tani Cinco, Emil Sandoval DIRECTOR : Nilo Saez

Isla (1984) {Island} MAIN CAST: Maria Isabel Lopez/ DIRECTOR: Celso Ad Castillo

Kapirasong Dangal (1986) {LT: A smidgen of dignity}
MAIN CAST: Maria Isabel Lopez, Raoul Aragonn, Dick Israel, Tani Cinco, Gino Antonio, Emily Loren, Mina Mirasol, Elsa Enrile, Mishelle Zobel and Dante Rivero ; DIRECTOR: Nilo Saez

Katorse (1980) { LT: Fourteen (years old) } MAIN CAST: Alfie Anido, Celia Rodriquez, Dina Bonnevie, Gabby Concepcion, Lucita Soriano DIRECTOR: Joey Gosiengfiao

Kiri (1986) { LT: Akward } MAIN CAST : George Estregan, Patrick dela Rosa, Mark Joseph, Dick Israel and Lampel Cojuangco. DIRECTOR : Francis 'Jun' Posadas

Kirot (1983) { LT: Pain } MAIN CAST: Dennis Roldan, Edgar Mande, and Stella Strada/ with Raoul Aragon, Perla Bautista, Joonee Gamboa, Dexter Doria/ DIRECTOR: by Arsenio 'Boots' Bautista

Macho Dancer (1988) MAIN CAST: Allan Paule, Daniel Fernando, Jacklyn Jose DIRECTOR: Lino Brocka

Magkayakap sa Magdamag (1986) {LT: Embracing each other all night long}
MAIN CAST : Alona Alegre, Olivia Ortiz and Anna Marie Gutierrez/ with Al Tantay, George Estregan, Orestes Ojeda, Emil Sandoval DIRECTOR : Nilo Saez

Materyales Fuertes (1986){LT: Luxurious}
MAIN CAST: Myrna Castillo, Mishelle Zobel and Lola/ with George Estregan, Dick Israel, Mark Joseph, Bobby Benitez & Toots Papa ; DIRECTOR : Tata Esteban
Mga Nakaw na Sandali (1986) { LT : Stolen Moments } MAIN CAST: Maria Isabel Lopez, Al Tantay, Liz Alindogan, Ronaldo Valdez and Stela Suarez, Jr. DIRECTOR: Nilo Saez

Nagaapoy na Gabi {LT : Burning Night } MAIN CAST : Maureen Mauricio, Zandro Zamora, Nick Romano, Scarlet Suarez, Eddie del Mar, Jr., Lito Anzures and Kristal Kristobal / Directed by Tito Sanchez(1986)

Paraisong Gubat (1986) { LT: Jungle Paradise } MAIN CAST: Cristina Crisol, Azenith Briones, Josephine Manuel, Lito Gruet and Tanya Gomez ; DIRECTOR : Tito Sanchez

Private Show (1986) MAIN CAST: Jaclyn Jose, Gino Antonio and Leopoldo Salcedo ; DIRECTOR : Sixto Kayko (aka- Chito Rono)

Puri (1984) { TL: Purity/Virginity } MAIN CAST: Dennis Roldan, Jaime Fabregas, Joey Hipolito, Leonard Urso, Lorli Villanueva, Stella Strada, Tani Cinco DIRECTOR : Elwood Perez

Room 69 (1985) MAIN CAST: Irma Alegre, Pepsi Paloma, Emily Loren, Myra Manibog, Glenda Araneta, Lito Gruet, Raul Calma and Sarsi Emmanuelle ; DIRECTOR : Artemio Marquez

Sabik, Kasalanan Ba? (1986) {LT: Sex-starved, Is it a sin?}
MAIN CAST: George Estregan, Daria Ramirez, Tani Cinco, Maureen Mauricio, Gino Antonio and Joy Sumilang ; DIRECTOR: Lito De Guzman

Scorpio Nights (1985) MAIN CAST: Anna Marie Guttierrez, Daniel Fernando, Orestes Ojeda DIRECTOR: Peque Gallaga

Selos (1987) { LT: Jealousy } MAIN CAST: Amanda Amores, Bobby Benitez, Cherrie Madrigal, Ronald Nepomuceno

Sensual (1986) MAIN CAST: Charito Solis, Chanda Romero, Lito Gruet and Barbra Benitez/ DIRECTOR: Marilou Diaz-Abaya

Sex Education (1984) MAIN CAST: Edgar Mande, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Lito Pimentel, Greggy Liwag and Stella Strada/ with Melinda Mendez, Manjo del Mundo/ DIRECTOR: Mike Relon Makiling

Shame (1983)- MAIN CAST: Robert Arevalo, Patrick dela Rosa and Claudia Zobel/ DIRECTOR: Elwood Perez

Silip (1986) {LT: Peek / Peep }
MAIN CAST : Maria Isabel Lopez, Mark Anthony, Sarsi Emmanuel DIRECTOR: Elwood Perez
Snake Sisters (1984) MAIN CAST: Sarsi Emmanuelle, Coca Nicolas, Pepsi Paloma/ DIRECTOR: Celso Ad Castillo

Stop: Abortion (1986) MAIN CAST: Greggy Liwag, Mishelle Zobel, Didith Romero, Delia Razon, Anthony East and Lampel Cojuangco ; DIRECTOR: Leonardo Q. Belen

Sumagad sa Laman, Tumagos sa Buto (1986) {LT: It Penetrated the Flesh and the Bone}
MAIN CAST: Cristina Crisol, Maureen Mauricio, Jenny Varga and Rowena Ruiz/ with Ramon Zamora, George Estregan, Charlie Davao DIRECTOR: Henry Rufino

Takaw Tukso (1986) { LT: Tempation-Hungry } MAIN CAST: Anna Marie Gutierrez, Gino Antonio, Julio Diaz and Jaclyn Jose / DIRECTOR: W. Pascual

Tubog sa Ginto (1980) { official translation: The Gilt } MAIN CAST: Eddie Garcia, Hilda Koronel, Jay Ilagan, Lolita Rodriguez, Luis Gonzales, Mario O'Hara, Marissa Delgado, Veronica Palileo DIRECTOR: Lino Brocka

Tukso sa Mundo (1986) { LT : Temptation in the World } MAIN CAST: Daniel Fernando, Tani Cinco, Mishelle Zobel, Didith Romero and Maureen Mauricio ; DIRECTOR: Eduardo Palmos

Unang Gabi (1986) { First Night } MAIN CAST: Maria Isabel Lopez, Vida Verde, George Estregan, Cristina Crisol and Orestes Ojeda/ DIRECTOR: Anthony Taylor

Unfaithful Wife (1986) MAIN CAST: Michael de Mesa, Joel Torre and Anna Marie Gutierrez/ Directed byPeque Gallaga

Virgin Forest (1985) MAIN CAST: Stars Sarsi Emmanuelle, Miguel Rodriguez/ Introducing Abel Jurado/ DIRECTOR: Peque Gallaga
Virgin People (1983) MAIN CAST: Janet Bordon, Myrna Castillo, Pepsi Paloma/ Directed by Celso Ad Castillo

White Slavery (1985) MAIN CAST: Sarsi Emmanuelle, Emily Loren, Jacklyn Jose, Patrick dela Rosa, Ricky Davao/ DIRECTOR: Lino Brocka

Sex-oriented films also paved the way for highly respected actresses such as Alma Moreno and Jacklyn Jose just like Hollywood's Demi Moore and Sharon Stone.

If you're Filipino, you'll surely recognize a lot of the 'bold stars' below who have 'graduated' from doing sex-oriented films and have catapulted themselves into well-respected and award-winning artists in the Philippines.

However, most sexy stars and particularly the 'bomba' stars who joined the 'PENE-bandwagon' during this era who gained fame and notoriety in the mid-80's faded out of the limelight after a few years of prominence in Philippine cinema.

It’s very interesting that the so-called PENE movies proliferated during the time of the newly installed revolutionary government of President Cory Aquino in the mid-80’s. In fact, in 1986 alone, more than 30 erotic movies which are called ‘BOLD’ or ‘BOMBA’ films by locals were shown in mainstream cinemas. Most of these bold flicks not only featured lots of frontal nudity but actual sex scenes called ‘PENE’ short for penetration. Did the political turmoil and brouhaha surrounding the new administration caused such tolerance by a very conservative country?

Currently, PORN is illegal in the Philippines but is somehow tolerated as you can see people OPENLY buying and selling pirated copies of foreign PORN movies and also a few underground Filipino PORN which usually feature sex scandals of locals recorded on video. Celebrity sex scandals such as the Jojo Veloso scandal from way back then and the most recent Doctor Hayden Kho sex scandal featuring popular mainstream actresses Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes are some of the most controversial sex scandals that made headlines nationwide.

The uncensored video clip below is a sample of Filipino porn on the internet which is probably made by foreigners.

A recent Indie film, 'Serbis' by Brillante Mendoza featured very explicit scenes such as frontal nudity of the female lead, oral sex between a shemale and a guy as well as an erect penis of the male lead, Coco Martin. The film received praise from Hollywood actor Sean Penn the first time it was shown at Cannes.

Here's a sample of an underground porn film with an all-Filipino Cast:
If you're gay, just ignore the pechays and if you're lesbian, just ignore the okras.

If you have problems downloading or would like to request for something funsxy, feel free to contact my friend through SKYPE: coolmultilingual or YM: cmultilingual.

P.S.: There's this humorous film starring Eddie Garcia and some old comedians which was a sex-comedy that I'm sure every Filipino would find interesting.

Batuta ni Drakula (1971) { LT: Dracula's Baton [ MAIN CAST: Eddie Garcia, Panchito, Marilou Ver, Vina Morena, Vicky Sandoval, Pugak, Jerry Pons/ Directed by Luis San Juan
CULTURAL NOTE: 'Batuta' is a sort of euphemism for the Tagalog term for 'cock /schlong' which in the Tagalog language is 'burat'. The lead star of this funny film became known as 'Manoy' which is another euphemism for the male private part.

If you are interested in funsxy Filipino LGBT films such as the films below, feel free to visit:

The video clip below contains sexplicit language which is kinda funny.

Can you guess from which award-winning sexplicit film the clip above was taken from?
The horny girl is played by the 'sexcellent' actress Anna Marie Guttierez while the guy's name, whose 'titi' she missed a lot is Daniel Fernando who boldly showed his erect manhood in the uncensored version of this film.