Sunday, July 11, 2010

MEN are from Mars, WOMEN are from Venus

Many sexologists and sex experts agree that women are more sexually compatible with women ; Similarly, men are more sexually suited to other men. Just think of how different male sexuality is from female sexuality, e.g. women are multi-orgasmic and usually needs plenty of time to reach climax unlike men who usually need few minutes to come.

And have you ever wondered why there are so many lesbians and bisexual girls who come from exclusive all-girls school and how many gay men and bisexual men originate from all-boys schools?

Watch the video clip below to find out why there are more and more women who prefer to sleep with women and also men who 'turn' gay:

This is a titillating scene from the Filipino movie SILIP featuring Sexy Filipino Stars Maria Isabel Lopez and Mark Joseph.

It's a controversial film (with a very interesting plot) made in a very conservative country. If you want to have the entire movie with ENGLISH SUBTITLES (like I do) without having to download a huge file from torrents, simply contact my friend through SKYPE: coolmultilingual or through YM: cmultilingual and visit his blog:

Aside from the sexual incompatibilty of men and women, so many unwanted pregnancies, abandoned and fatherless children stem from STRAIGHT SEX. In most poor countries and even in poor slum areas of wealthy countries, RAPID POPULATION GROWTH is the number one problem which is also one of the main causes of poverty, higher crime rates, malnutrition and other social problems...


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