Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Female Genitalia

VAGINA : Talking cunt

Have you seen a TALKING CUNT? No, not like Tyra Banks or Paris Hilton featured in the video clip below. A REAL TALKING VAGINA! Well, if you haven't seen one, here's your chance to 'experience' one:
This is perhaps the most well-known adult film about the VAGINA.... and not just an ordinary vagina, but a TALKING CUNT!

BEFORE showing you a snippet from the film, check out TYRA BANKS talking about her VAGINA below (kinda funny!) with kindred cunt, PARIS HILTON...

Now here's a short teaser from the FRENCH adult film 'LE SEXE QUI PARLE' (literal translation: The Sex Organ that talks OR the Talking Cunt)

JUST A FEW SCENES FROM THE FILM: (first few scenes....)

KEY FRENCH basic PHRASES FOR BEGINNERS: Entrez! (Come in! (formal) ... Oui, entrez! (Yes, come in); Bonjour, madame! (Hello/Good day, ma'am)

---> Do you want to learn THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE? Or perhaps another foreign language like Spanish, Japanese or German? Visit my multilingual friend's blog : http//

OPTIONAL READING: (read this while downloading) [IT'S WORTH THE WAIT! It's a collector's item!]

The cult film that you're about to see (if you download it via hotfile) entitled 'Le sexe qui parle' (The talking sex organ/cunt) is a '*humorously serious*' French film about a talking VAGINA... Just like the VAGINA MONOLOGUES, this subtly tackles ' vaginal issues' related to sex......Though it's centered on 'VAGINA ISSUES', there are also LOTS of penises.featured in the film guaranteed to titillate cock-lovers out there like Perez Hilton. (the guy Tyra was talking to in the video clip above)

In fact, there are MORE penises [more guys who get their dicks sucked by the owner of the talking vagina) that makes this a super download-worthy film by heteros and non-heteros (gays and especially LESBIANS who'll surely love the first scene and the beautiful, mouth-watering HAIRY pussies (and also hairy cocks and balls)...brunette, blonde and red pubes....


Even if I don't speak French, I already enjoyed watching the film the first time I saw it. The second time I watched it, I asked my buddy, the blog owner of
to interpret the dialogues for me which made it a lot more deliciously enjoyable to watch.


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