Thursday, July 8, 2010


Fun & Sexy Uncensored Videos From Different Parts of the World

Before I introduce what this blog is all about, here are very interesting video clips from the film 'Le Sexe qui Parle' (The Talking Pussy) from France and 'Senta no meu que entra no teu' featuring a 'dickhead' or a dick on one's head literally from Brazil.

Look at the movie poster above. Can you guess why the woman is on the top of the man's head? WATCH THE VIDEO CLIP below for the answer:

FUNXSY = 'fun and sexy' --- ideal traits that universally satisfy and please everyone...


Almost all living entities on earth want and need sex not only for reproduction but also for recreation .i.e. for the sheer orgasmic pleasure that only sex can make us feel.
...And I'm not only talking about sex between two people

- Self sex, for instance, is the safest, healthiest and most affordable kind of sex... it's much better than abstinence because the latter [abstinence], is unnatural and can be damaging to one's health.

Adult, funxsy films are graphic depictions of our basic instinct. I believe that people who say they don't like them are either abnormal or liars--- or just assexual. Nonetheless, as long as you are an adult (18/21 years old and above depending on your country's law), you should not feel ashamed or guilty for appreciating natural expressions of human sexuality as long as it's not harmful, of course.

Adult films which are derogatorily called 'porn' promote self-sex which is truly THE safest sex. If you’ve already been informed about STDs and STIs, you already know that there’s no such thing as safe sex, only safer sex, i.e. using protections (CONDOMS) or doing non-penetrative sexual acts and of course, safest sex, i.e. masturbation.

Why is there no such thing as safe (penetrative) sex? Because you can never tell who’s got STD or STI. Many STDs such as the world-famous HIV which causes AIDS is asymptomatic – which means someone who’s infected usually looks ‘NORMAL’ just like everyone else. Therefore, you put your health at risk every time you engage in penetrative, vaginal or anal sex.

Although every normal human being feels pleasure when having sex with oneself or with others, most people usually feel bad about engaging in premarital sex, non-straight sex (homosexual acts) and especially masturbation. This is because TRADITION and RELIGION have instilled NEGATIVE BELIEFS about NUDITY, SEX and MASTURBATION in the minds of most people almost all of which are FALSE and WRONG .

But as a matter of fact, NUDITY, SEX and MASTURBATION are all normal and natural. As long as you're not causing any harm to someone (e.g. RAPE) when doing them, they're all perfectly NORMAL and GOOD FOR US, scientifically speaking.

If you study HUMAN SEXUALITY like Psychologists, Anthropologists and Sexologists do (like I also do as a Psych graduate), you'll discover THE FACTS and THE TRUTH as opposed to MYTHS, LIES and BELIEFS proliferated by conventional, age-old traditions and religion. Due to religious fear, most people forget that religion was created by people and that their doctrines and dogmas are mere interpretations done by our predecessors who were not able to study science.

Since religion preceded science, the authors of the so-called holy books did not know the facts about human sexuality because they didn't have the tools to do so, e.g. they couldn't do extensive experiments, interviews, research in different parts of the world unlike scientists who came up with the facts thanks to the tried-and-tested methodology, i.e. the scientific method). Consequently, they came up with certain rules and codes of conduct vis-a-vis sex that were NOT based on solid evidence and hard facts.

Currently, it's appalling how EDUCATION about Human Sexuality (HS) is still not included in most school's curriculum especially in conservative countries in the Middle East, Asia, South America, Africa and in conservative states and provinces in North America (e.g. Mormon states) and Europe. The only facet of Human Sexuality that's currently included in schools' curriculum is Sex and Reproduction.

More important Human Sexuality subjects such as Gender & Sexual Orientation, Safer Sex, Masturbation and Sexual Arousal /Orgasm are not scientifically discussed at length in many schools and universities, most especially in religious, conservative ones. Consequently, many people around the world are still misinformed and miseducated about it. So if you are still ignorant about the facts about this and still feel guilt when doing harmless sexual acts, it's a result of CULTURAL CONDITIONING which is NOT your fault. But if you continue to be ignorant about it and choose not to find out about the TRUTH , then it's probably OK to blame yourself.

Masturbation, for instance, deemed to be sinful by most religions is, in FACT, normal and healthy. It's good for your over-all health and well-being You can even google it or look it up in any scientific journal or in any encylopedia like wikipedia and you'll find out the HARD FACTS about it.

And whether you are a guy or a girl, it's completely normal to get turned on by FEMALE or MALE NUDITY and SEX. So whether you masturbate fantasizing about MEN or WOMEN, you are normal regardless of your gender. You can read any SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL such as GOOGLE UP : 'Just the Facts About Sexual Orientation' by American Psychological Association (APA) and find out that homosexuality and bisexuality are both as normal as heterosexuality. Contrary to what most traditional religion preach, homosexuality and bisexuality are NOT mental illnesses or emotional/spiritual diseases that need to be cured/converted to heterosexuality.

Come to think of it, masturbation and same-sex behavior/activity lessens population growth (=less intances of pregnancy, less risk of acquiring STDS such as HIV in girls [lesbian sex do not involve penile penetration) which is one of the ROOT-causes of POVERTY. Just imagine if all the closeted and repressed bisexuals, gays and lesbians came to terms with their sexuality (THERE ARE SO MANY--in fact there are A LOT more closeted LGBTs than those who are out in the open), this would definitely be a better world for all and not just for heterosexuals.

ADULT FILMS / porn promote masturbation and alternative sexual activities which, as mentioned above, help a lot in lessening population growth. Thus, EDUCATION ABOUT HUMAN SEXUALITY will help a lot in solving the BIGGEST PROBLEM IN THE WORLD - Poverty.

With regards nudity, people around the world are gradually realizing the FACT that there's nothing wrong about NUDITY, per se. As a result, there have been more and more nudity in movies not only in Hollywood but also in other parts of the planet. Come to think of it, we are all born completely nude, aren’t we? PORN depicts our 'most natural, raw form' in very titillatingly creative ways.

So here are some of my collection of the BEST OF ADULT, FUNSXY FILMS, we earthlings have come up with. Just my 2 cents of course.

Needless to say, feel free to INTER-ACT with the adult stars while watching.

For requests, comments and suggestions, feel free to contact my good friend through SKYPE: coolmultilingual or through YM: cmultilingual and visit his blog:

P.S. : I know 'funsxy' may sound kinda lame... but i can't think of any short word that's easy to remember and have not been used by other bloggers... i'm open to suggestions, nonetheless...


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